This Brokerage Agreement is entered into effect as of

Between (Owner) and Cruisin Classics LTD, an Ohio Limited Liability Co.

The term of this agreement shall be for a 120 days. If vehicle has not sold at the end of the 120 days owner has two options.
  1. Owner agrees to remove vehicle within 72 hours and will not incur any additional charges.
  2. Owner can choose to have Cruisin Classics continue to promote vehicle for sale on a month to month basis at a monthly service charge of $130.00.

Owner warrants and represents to Cruisin Classics that (a) Owner owns the Vehicle; (b) there are no liens on or security interests in the Vehicle, (c) Owner has full right and authority to enter into this Agreement and to sell the Vehicle, and (d) any information regarding the Vehicle that Owner provides Cruisin Classics will be true and accurate to the best of Owners knowledge. (e) Original / Lien Free Title must be held by Cruisin Classics while Vehicle is displayed for sale by Cruisin Classics.

During the term of this Agreement, during any period when the Vehicle is being transported by Cruisin Classics and so long as the Vehicle is on Cruisin Classics premises, Owner will maintain full liability coverage, and in addition, comprehensive fire, theft, collision and such other insurance on the Vehicle for its full replacement value as Cruisin Classics reasonably requires.

Cruisin Classics will not sell Vehicle for less than $ $ (Reserve Price) without prior consent of Owner.

Owner agrees to pay a fee of 18% (minimum of $2500.00) of the Gross Sale Price of Vehicle to Cruisin Classics for services rendered. The Fee of 18% does not include any repairs, detailing or transportation of Vehicle that may be required. If needed, these fees will be approved by Owner, prior to any services being performed.

Owner agrees that at any time during term of this agreement that Cruisin Classics has the right to purchase Vehicle for Reserve Price, Less 18%.

Owner agrees that in the event they cancel/void this contract for any reason before end of contract term, Cruisin Classics is owed 18% of the Reserve Price and any other fees outstanding.

No member, manager, officer, director, employee, or agent (individual Party in Interest) of Cruisin Classics will be liable to Owner for any liability of Cruisin Classics under this Agreement. With respect to any liability of Cruisin Classics under this Agreement, Owner shall not (a)name any Party in Interest in any lawsuit, (b)seek or be entitled to any personal judgment against any Party in Interest, or (c) have any right to levy execution against any property or assets of any Party in Interest. No Party in Interest will be liable for any deficiency in connection with any judgment by Owner against Cruisin Classics with respect to or in connection with any liability of Cruisin Classics.

C. C. Representative Customer Signature _______________________
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Under this Agreement, Cruisin Classics shall have no liability for punitive, exemplary or consequential damages. The liability of Cruisin Classics under this Agreement shall not exceed the amount of the Fee actually paid to Cruisin Classics.






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Cruisin Classics LTD 3575 Fisher Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43228

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